About me

Nikola Stanojevic  (12. September 1951.)

I was born and raised in Kotor, a town that has always been and remains known for its highly experienced, brave and dedicated seamans. Sea has always been a way of life here so I also started my sailing.Over 30 years sailing around the world seas and thoughts what after, what when navigation would not be an option any more. Since I have always liked working with wood,that was something I logical chose for my hobby.

The first sailboat I maid 15 years ago. I make mostly replicas of sailing ships that sailed over the Adriatic sea bracera,carrack, trabaccolo and many other models of sailing boats as well as the restauration of existing ones. Each model is 100% hand made mostly from cherry wood. For a little more complicated and demanding designs must be within 6 to 10 months of modelling. Some of my ship models can be found at the Maritime Museum of Kotor as well as in the Museum of King Nicholas in Cetinje.